08 August 2006

Nintendo WFC is go!

Whoa, holy crap it's been a while since I last posted here.

A couple of months ago, I tried to connect to Nintendo WFC so I could play Mario Kart DS online, using my laptops WLAN capability and my ADSL connection. However, saying it was a failure is a bit like saying childrens TV is a bit of a mess: Nothing worked regardless of what I did. Bastard thing.

However, I tried again today and within half an hour, I managed to sucessfully set things up so that my Laptop was acting like a wireless router for my ADSL connection. Then I managed to win my first match as well. Yay! I also get to unleash my emblem apon the world (see image.)

However, tomorrow is the normally dreaded day for students across Scotland: the SQA publish the exam results. However, this year, I don't really care what I get as I already have my place at university regardless of the results this year. The people I've talked to in my year on the subject also tend to feel the same. Ah, well. Fingers crossed that I get good results so that 6th year wasn't a waste of time.


At Thursday, 24 August, 2006, Blogger Lord DoomRater said...

Hisssssssy <3


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