04 June 2006

The ZIP/RAR issue over at the GZDoom forums.

I'm going to post my stance here so there is nothing to get confused about (Those of you who don't know, the issue revolves around this thread). I personally am not a large fan of RAR's (The file size difference on most of the files I download is large by percentage but minimal in time since I have a moderately fast connection. It also involves going into 7-Zips file manager which does not have a "view extracted files" function like windows ZIP extractor.) but I can live with them if I have to. However, I can see why Graf is annoyed when people post things in RAR format: By default, he is using a library that is designed to extract zips speedily because ZDoom uses it (zlib) but I personally think that it's over the top to edit peoples posts just because they have a link to a RAR file when he can just ignore them. Then, with editing to the announcement, people have less reason to whine why Graf overlooks their files when it clearly states "NO RARS HERE". /Idgames also has a similar policy as well, but that's like comparing an apple to an orange.