20 June 2006

eTraining is over (And thank *insert diety here* for that)

Over the last week or so, I've been doing an etraining course for my new job at MGt. However, the software used is, put bluntly, a load of shite. I've now finished the course and all that remains is the visit to the actual place that I work, since the training is done at their headquarters and that's me done and ready for the first weekend of actual work.

However, there was a nugget of amusement in the part about the Data Protection Act: In the part about the main principles of the act, there was examples of each principle being breached. However, the victim, who was named Gary, was given a Glaswegian accent that was so broad it sounded forced (I live on the east coast Scotland yet could do an accent that broad without making it sound forced, anyway) and was noticibally camp as well. Which kind of comically clashed with the shaved head he had. His eyes also tended to bulge out as well when he was given bad news, with the climax being at the eigth princple breach: He screamed "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?" down the phone like a bird cry and the portrait of him at this point showed him comically screaming down the phone.


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