01 September 2006

Holy flurking shiz it's been a while

Anyway, I changed my bank account over from your standard teenagers account to a current account this month, which means I got the full works when it comes to features, including a credit card (First person to ask for details gets 40 cells of warm BFG love). I also set up a proper wireless network in my home so I no longer have to not use the internet when my sister does and I also am no longer teathered to the dining table if I want to use the internet either. W00tage!

In other news, it's just over a week until I go to university. Yay.

08 August 2006

Nintendo WFC is go!

Whoa, holy crap it's been a while since I last posted here.

A couple of months ago, I tried to connect to Nintendo WFC so I could play Mario Kart DS online, using my laptops WLAN capability and my ADSL connection. However, saying it was a failure is a bit like saying childrens TV is a bit of a mess: Nothing worked regardless of what I did. Bastard thing.

However, I tried again today and within half an hour, I managed to sucessfully set things up so that my Laptop was acting like a wireless router for my ADSL connection. Then I managed to win my first match as well. Yay! I also get to unleash my emblem apon the world (see image.)

However, tomorrow is the normally dreaded day for students across Scotland: the SQA publish the exam results. However, this year, I don't really care what I get as I already have my place at university regardless of the results this year. The people I've talked to in my year on the subject also tend to feel the same. Ah, well. Fingers crossed that I get good results so that 6th year wasn't a waste of time.

20 June 2006

eTraining is over (And thank *insert diety here* for that)

Over the last week or so, I've been doing an etraining course for my new job at MGt. However, the software used is, put bluntly, a load of shite. I've now finished the course and all that remains is the visit to the actual place that I work, since the training is done at their headquarters and that's me done and ready for the first weekend of actual work.

However, there was a nugget of amusement in the part about the Data Protection Act: In the part about the main principles of the act, there was examples of each principle being breached. However, the victim, who was named Gary, was given a Glaswegian accent that was so broad it sounded forced (I live on the east coast Scotland yet could do an accent that broad without making it sound forced, anyway) and was noticibally camp as well. Which kind of comically clashed with the shaved head he had. His eyes also tended to bulge out as well when he was given bad news, with the climax being at the eigth princple breach: He screamed "WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?" down the phone like a bird cry and the portrait of him at this point showed him comically screaming down the phone.

10 June 2006

The morning after the night before

Last night was the senior prom at school and I have to say that it was the time of my life, even though I was one of the few boys that didn't wear a kilt, never mind going commando (Some of the boys did: One of the guys, Dave Rodger, bent over and everyone near by lifted his kilt and walloped his arse!). Of course, some folk got absolutely drunk (Kudos to Michael Elder for being really drunk before 10PM.) but no-one got aggressive at all (If fact, the drunk ones were just looking stupid and struggling to move in a straight line :Þ).

Most of the night was spent doing one of two things: Drinking or dancing, though there were other things done as well. For example, in the raffle, I won a face mask thing and a hat that didn't fit my head. I got rid of them quickly and they were circulated like mad (Some people like that crap?! O_O) and there was a dancing competition which I hastily bailed out of (Since I was getting tired of dancing at that point) and, of course, the crowning of the prom royalty (Awarded to those who seemed to have the best time).

Anyway, it was the last time everyone will be together and I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. A special thanks go to my yearmates.

08 June 2006

"Why have I turned into a horribly pixelated mess wtih a big sword?"

Today was one of those days where I found one of those little (Or in this case, BIG) gems of humour on the internet.

SUPER RPG ADVENTURE (45.1 Mb ZIP, 50 minutes of MP3.) wantonly takes the piss out of RPG cliches in very funny ways.

06 June 2006

It's 6/6/6 and no sign of Satan

In fact, today has been a rather rudimentry day if it wasn't for the fact I spent the last hour adding Doomguy hands and reloading frames to the Redneck Rampage revolver for a new mod of mine.

(BTW, I'm not a Satanist. I just wanted to remark on the occasion :P)

05 June 2006

School Crap (And a lot of it)

I've just spent over 45 minutes in my room cleaning out my drawers full of school stuff and I didn't realise how much junk I've built up over the years. I have three sacks of useless school stuff waiting for disposing and I have about a sack worth of school stuff I've to return, including stuff from Standard Grade maths! In fact, I'm sure the school doesn't use half the shit I have anymore, it's that old. At least the clearing out is over and done with, which leaves to rest of the week to return the stuff (groan!) and gut my wardrobe (GROAN!!).

A little aside, but I'm starting training for a job next week doing Customer Service stuff at MGt for "Sky" (MGt is a company that allows other companies to outsource telephony services, be it selling insurance or customer service. Sky is the UK's biggest cable/satellite/digital TV provider, but you probabally already knew this). The job is just a weekend job (2:30-9:30PM on Weekends) but my training is Monday to Friday during weekdays. The wage is good for the type of job it is, with the starting wage for over 18s (which I am) being £5.45/hour. However, I'm still going to be a big a miser as I usually am because I'll need the money for starting university in September (Doing BSc Computer Games Technology at the University of Abertay).